Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my clients say:



“In a world with so many options for voice work you really only need to know one name. John Paul Stevenson. He is like no other. Whatever you need…however you need it…whenever you need it…he is there to deliver. Always professional, he puts his customers’ needs first and never disappoints. What are You waiting for? ”

Jonathan Kornblith
Creative/Game Day Director
Dallas Mavericks


“John Paul has been great to work with.  His voice fits perfectly into the world of professional football.  His overall tone generates a sense of “bigness” that translates very well in the unique stadium environment that we have here at Bank of America Stadium.  John Paul’s voiceovers definitely command attention, and help lend a feeling of importance,whenever they are used.”

Kyle Ritchie
Director of Entertainment & PantherVision
Carolina Panthers


“I use JP on a weekly basis for multiple reads, and he always turns around his reads quickly, in a high quality, with the options that picky editors like me want and need.  He takes great pride in his work and is my go to guy anytime I need quality voice-over work.

“John Paul is the consummate professional. He has an amazing voice that conveys trust, confidence and assurance to listeners and viewers. He has proven to be incredibly popular with a number of our broadcast and corporate clients. More than that, he is a wonderful person who is a delight to work with.”

Jonathan Epstein
Managing Partner
Running Pony Productions


“I have been working with John Paul Stevensom for years, and I am contantly impressed with his diversity. For every read he has done has been able to understand, with little to no instruction, the feel, style, and tempo that I was looking for.  Regardless of whether its a fast paced news style promo read, or a somber VO for a delicate subject, JP shifts effortlessly into the apporopraite style.”

Stephen Herbster
Avid Video Editor, Carolina Panthers


“John Paul Stevenson demonstrates, the technique, tone, articulation, and professionalism to be considered one of the best announcers in the NBA. His voice commands attention and consistently emulates the particular emotion intended for all pieces and situations.”

John Pugliese
Director, Promotions & Event Presentation
Memphis Grizzlies


“John Paul is also one of the best voice talents I’ve worked with in a long time, maybe ever.”

Rob Moore
Production Director,
Citadel-Memphis Radio Group


“If talent had a voice, it would be John Paul Stevenson.It never ceases to amaze me how John Paul can nail just about any peice of copy. Wheter short, long, commercial or gaming he just “gets it”, which is rare with voice talent. No debate here; John Paul has and will be our 1st choice on the majority of our entertainment spots.”

Jeremy Snead, President – Mediajuice Studios, ltd.


“John Paul Stevenson is an amazing find for us at KOA. We sifted through over a hundred voice guys, including all the usual suspects.  It was no contest, JP’s versatility is unmatched.  He is the next great voice talent.”

Mark Andrew
Creative Director – KOA, KHOW, KKZN


“When we are looking to take our projects to the next level, John Paul Stevenson is the only obvious choice.  His national sound mixed with his ability to promote a wide range of products is any production companies dream.”

Nathan Black & Josh Swain of Unbreakable Productions